About Us

Our Story

Established in 1981, outside of Philadelphia, Health Business Systems (HBS) has been delivering next-generation software and technology products to support all channels of pharmacy—retail, institutional/nursing home, and mail order/central fill—to help run their business efficiently, while maximizing their bottom line.  Our unique position in the marketplace, offering applications for all facets of pharmacy, enables us to bring added value to each pharmacy. Starting with a solid foundation—HBS' pharmacy software—our entire suite of technology products offer options designed to enhance pharmacy productivity.

Today, HBS continues to evolve as a leading pharmacy management services provider with over 1,500 clients nationwide, including Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Recognized for innovative product offerings, expertise and exceptional service, HBS is committed to developing cutting-edge technologies, unique functionality and unparalleled products.

How We Work

Our unique approach to our customers is what sets HBS apart—and so do our principles. HBS recognizes that each customer is unique; we work closely with each customer throughout the relationship to deliver the best suite of services for the customer’s specific needs.  To that end, we provide experienced personnel to work collaboratively with each customer from the date of initial training through implementation planning, conversion, and on-going client support.

We are guided in everything we do by our philosophy—HBS is a company of enduring commitment.  We credit our commitment and endurance to a consistent approach to the character of our staff, and to the way we manage our business.  Every day, our dedicated management team faces the challenges of our business with tremendous commitment and values that guide our decision making.  HBS provides its clients useful industry intelligence, offers expert and tireless service, and maintains an honest, constructive relationship.

Outreach Programs

HBS has a long history of outreach and is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities where we operate. Each year HBS participates in the in the US Marine Corp Toys for Tots Program helping to fulfill the Christmas wishes of children in our local communities. We also hold several food drives throughout the year for the Bucks County Housing Group Food Pantry, a United Way Partner. Our staff collects hundreds of pounds of food for the local Food Pantry in Doylestown, PA. Recently we raised money for: the Last Chance Ranch animal rescue in Quakertown, PA; the B-Strong Foundation providing meals and encouragement to families of children diagnosed with cancer at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital; and thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Our staff collected supplies and cash for the families in the town of Highland, NJ after Super Storm Sandy and partners with our local school district to fill backpacks to support the educational success of all students. These are just a few of the many ways our HBS family reaches out to help give back to others.

Our Partners

Committed to pharmacy innovation and customer success, HBS is recognized as an industry trusted technology leader. This commitment extends to our partner relationships and industry associations, recognized leaders within the pharmacy marketplace, with established business practices and solutions designed to help pharmacies improve their operational efficiency.  Our partner relationships and industry associations are valued for their thought leadership, industry knowledge, and  expertise to support the common goal delivering the best options the industry offers.


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Viewing a system demo is the most efficient way to learn how HBS can help your pharmacy. HBS' Business Managers have years of experience and will walk you through the process to understand your business and provide recommendations regarding the best technology suite that fits your needs today, along with the flexibility for future growth.