Pros and Cons of Electronic Prescribing

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The following was provided by Pharmacy Today:

Almost 20 years ago, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) published a white paper in the form of a “Call to Action” arguing the case that handwritten prescriptions should no longer be used. ISMP contended that “appropriate and aggressive” use of properly designed electronic prescribing (also known as e-prescribing) systems would prevent medication errors. The white paper even provided a timeframe for eliminating handwritten prescriptions—3 years! At the time, e-prescribing appeared to provide an immediate medication safety benefit for patients by mitigating the historical challenges of illegible handwriting and questionable abbreviations. Since ISMP’s bold statement in 2000, significant progress has been made in the move to e-prescribing, largely as a result of a variety of incentives combined with legislative activity on the use of electronic health records. CLICK HERE to read more.

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