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How Does Data Help You Manage Multiple Locations?

16:Aug '17

As a multilocation independent pharmacy grows, identifying challenges and changing course based upon data makes it much easier to expand. In this interview, Blount Discount Pharmacy‘s president and co-owner, Phil LaFoy, and Retail Management Solutions‘ VP of sales and marketing, Mike Gross, discuss how leveraging store data can help manage the store, track employee behavior, understand product movement and pricing, and ultimately allow you to make better business decisions.  Article highlights HBS client Blount Discount Pharmacy in Alcoa, TN in ComputerTalk for the Pharmacist.  CLICK HERE to read more.

HBS Releases New Will-Call Management Module

08:Jul '16

Health Business Systems has announced a new will-call management module called Bag-n-Track to facilitate tracking the location of prescriptions in will-call. By using barcode technology, Bag-n-Track can easily identify the area in the pharmacy, such as will-call, refrigerator, reconstitution area, and bulk, and the bag or container for the patient’s prescriptions. “When used with the HBS Pharmacy Service Portal, the bag or container number is instantly displayed, allowing for a much easier pickup process,” says Marty Spellman, HBS director of sales. “Bag-n-Track is another new solution that will enhance the productivity of a pharmacy.”

HBS Integrates with PharmaSmart

23:May '16

Health Business Systems is now providing integration to PharmaSmart's blood pressure monitoring system.  With this integration pharmacists will have access to the patient's profile, as well as access to PharmaSmart's website.  Pharmacists will also receive reminders to ask patients if they want to enroll in the blood pressure monitoring program.

Mobile POS Takes Pharmacy to the Bedside

18:Feb '16

A pilot program to improve HCAHPS scores at Community Hospital in Munster, Ind., through bedside delivery of medications is now a full-time program, thanks to the dedication of the hospital and outpatient pharmacy staff in employing mobile POS and creating a process that is effective for the pharmacy and easy for the patient to use.  Article highlights HBS client Community Surgery Center Pharmacy in Munster, Ind in ComputerTalk for the Pharmacist.  CLICK HERE to read more.

The Outlook for 2016

30:Nov '15

ComputerTalk's annual look at what's ahead for pharmacy technology gets the vendor's perspective on the agenda in key areas such as pharmacy performance and patient outcomes, specialty pharmacy, and regulations.  ComputerTalk also takes a look at where the vendors see pharmacies putting investment dollars in the coming year and find out what technologies out there could be put to wider use.  Finally, ComputerTalk surveyed a group of pharmacies to find out what they're putting at the top of the agenda.  Article highlights comments from Marty Spellman, HBS Director of Sales, in ComputerTalk for the Pharmacist.  CLICK HERE to read more.

HBS Certified with PrescribersConnection

20:Aug '15

HBS is excited to announce RxAXIS has received certification to transmit electronic claims through PrescribersConnection for long term care facilities as part of the NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6 standard. PrescribersConnection is a developer and marketer of electronic prescription (ePrescription) software solutions that automate the prescription fulfillment processes for healthcare organizations and retail pharmacies. Since many eMAR vendors are choosing PrescribersConnection as their connection point for SCRIPT 10.6 transmissions, HBS worked with PrescribersConnection in successfully completing certification in four key areas:
  1. Long Term Care Workflows (Census, NewRx, RxFill, Resupply, CancelRx and Response).
  2. PrescribersConnection Application Integration Requirements.
  3. PrescribersConnection Script 10.6 Implementation.
  4. Connectivity through PrescribersConnection Network.

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