RxCALIBER Suite (Services)

servicesFinding the resources and staff to manage many in-house services can be time consuming and take away from your real responsibility—delivering the best patient care! HBS offers many optional services programs that take away the heavy-lifting and offer the support when and where you require it.

While HBS' software systems enable you to manually reconcile payments, or electronically load 835’s from payers, HBS also interfaces with a variety of industry third-party vendors that specialize in reconciliation services. (Learn More about HBS Interfaces).

DID YOU KNOW? Pharmacies lose hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars per month by not reconciling their payments!


eVaulting (off-site data back-ups)
There's a more convenient and secure way to back-up your data each night. HBS’ eVaulting service automatically backs-up and stores your valuable pharmacy data each night to an offsite data facility. While this helps reduce any concern of nightly onsite data back-ups, it provides you with an extra level of insurance if there is a catastrophic event at your pharmacy and allows you to be in compliance with one of the HIPAA disaster recovery requirements.


Hardware Maintenance (warranty programs)
Technology is at the center of every pharmacy, so you want to ensure everything is working all the time for a seamless experience. If not, HBS has your back! If requested, HBS can be your back-end IT support and provide you with on-line, on-site, and extended warranty support on many hardware items purchased from HBS.

DID YOU KNOW? HBS offers a variety of printers, workstations, routers and servers that are built for pharmacies (Learn More about HBS Hardware).

hardware maintenance

Financing (lending options)
Need financing for your existing or new pharmacy business? HBS works with several industry-leading lenders that work directly with pharmacy businesses—making the process simple and painless. Depending upon your overall needs, an HBS can put you in touch with the right financial lender that offers many different options based on your needs with very little upfront costs (in many cases).


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Viewing a system demo is the most efficient way to learn how HBS can help your pharmacy. HBS' Business Managers have years of experience and will walk you through the process to understand your business and provide recommendations regarding the best technology suite that fits your needs today, along with the flexibility for future growth.