RxCALIBER Suite (Software)

softwareRxCALIBER provides the comfort of a keyboard or mouse-driven system with all the functionality and customization that you would expect from an order-based system. With this Linux or Windows based operating system, you'll maintain your competitive edge in the marketplace with this sophisticated system.

The RxCALIBER pharmacy management solution automates all processes from customer service, order entry, dispensing, shipping and invoicing. With a diverse client base dispensing 500 to over 10,000 Rx’s per day, RxCALIBER continues to set new standards for mail order pharmacies.

Following are key highlights, but for more information contact HBS regarding additional system features and a FREE demo:

  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Workers Comp Claim
  • Post adjudication 
  • Call logging / reporting 
  • Pricing modifications 
  • Returns / replacements 
  • Refills by phone, internet or mobile devices
  • On hold history 
  • On hold reason codes
  • Rx quotation system
  • Product file maintenance (drugs & DME)
  • Document scanning/imaging
  • Order processing (final quality checking step)
  • User activation parameters
  • E-prescribing
  • Wholesaler ordering
  • Automation interfaces with multiple products
  • Customer service system
  • Pick ticket and invoice
  • Shipping manifesting interfaces
  • Accounts Receivable system
  • Shipping maintenance

  • Order quality filtering (DUR Checks, etc.) system
  • Reporting system (pre-programmed reports)
  • Custom report generation (Ad-hoc reporting)
  • Advanced system security features
  • Prescription profiling
  • Additional language support
  • Definable comment types
  • Arbiter checks
  • Auto-refill program
  • A/R collection referrals
  • Printer selection menu
  • A/R tp posting
  • ECS deviation and arbiter checks
  • Deposit edits
  • Physician assistants/NP identification
  • Assembly line workflow process 
  • Process prescriptions 
  • Order tracking system 
  • Rx transferring 
  • Third party payment processing module
  • Return module

The features and system functionalities don't end there. Contact HBS for a FREE demo today!

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