RxCALIBER Suite (Solutions)

solutionsHBS delivers a variety of industry-proven solutions specifically designed to best support your pharmacy operation needs. Our suite of solutions are designed to enhance the productivity of any pharmacy operation, yet deliver your patients with a custom experience they would come to expect of your pharmacy.

Document Scanning
Eliminate the time spent searching through paper files! Pharmacies have paper—lots of it! Scan all of your patient prescriptions and other important documents into the HBS system. By creating a paperless environment, your staff will have quick access to all scanned items that are available for viewing or printing right through your HBS system—makes third-party audits a breeze. Click image for a detailed view!


Barcode Scanning
Scanning drug products is a simply way of drug look-up or drug entry into the HBS system. HBS bar code scanners combine omnidirectional and single-line laser bar code scanning, making this ideal to quickly and easily populate the dispensed product, retrieval of refill info, or verification when using workflow.


Mobile Refill App (iRefill)
Provide your patients with interactive pharmacy access on the go! The iRefill™ App enhances your patients’ experience by enabling them to send refill requests, view real-time status of each requested refill, set reminders for each Rx they are taking, view specials notifications and so much more. Customized with your pharmacy information, the App is free to download and works with most mobile devices. Click image for a detailed view!


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Offer 24/7 service for your patients and doctors, and increase pharmacy workflow and productivity. Offer your customers convenient, 24-hour access to your pharmacy by accepting incoming telephone, internet and mobile requests, which enables your staff to spend more time serving customers on the phone. In addition, the IVR system generates daily statistics summaries and periodic reports, and it supports custom queries on orders using the date, time, Rx number, and other parameters

DID YOU KNOW? HBS also interfaces with many industry-leading IVR systems (Learn More about HBS Interfaces).


How can QR codes printed on pharmacy labels enhance patient safety? The majority of patients will discard patient information leaflets after leaving the pharmacy, creating the potential for confusion and misuse. MedsOnCue enables pharmacies to automatically print medication-specific QR codes on all of their prescription labels. Patients can scan the QR code with their smartphones and access on-demand and pharmacy-branded prescription medication counseling designed to deliver enhanced levels of medication safety and patient education. Click the image to view the smartphone demo on your PC, or CLICK HERE to view a QR code which can be scanned with your moble QR app to view the demo on your smartphone.


Wholesaler Interface
Send electronic orders and receive acquisition prices from wholesaler directly through your HBS system. Work in conjunction with the HBS perpetual inventory system, enabling for establishment of Reorder Points (ROPs) and Reorder Quantities (ROQs) on a drug item by drug item basis. HBS interfaces with many industry-leading wholesalers (Learn More about HBS Interfaces).


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