RxGENESYS Suite (Advantages)

advantagesHBS stays true to its clients by providing value-added options that impact your bottom line by increasing store revenue and decreasing your operational expenses. By working with industry leaders, HBS Advantage Programs offer the best-in-class, value-added options for your pharmacy operations.

Data Collection
Pharmacy revenue generating program supported by over 30,000 pharmacies nationwide. Working with industry vendors, the Data Collection program captures HIPAA-certified pharmacy utilization data—geographic, dispensing, physician and payment type—to consolidate and extrapolate it for confidential use by companies that make strategic decisions, by evaluating the effectiveness of a broad range of healthcare initiatives. HBS handles all weekly data collection automatically for you and participation does not compromise patient confidentiality.


Direct-to-Patient Messaging (LDM Group)
Revenue generating program that educates and empowers your patients. HBS has partnered with the LDM Group, a healthcare communications company that connects prescribers, pharmacists and patients to improve health outcomes through target communications. Fully integrated with your HBS system, the LDM CarePoints® messaging and ValueAdd™ promotion produce real-time printed information on standard paper from your pharmacy printer, delivered by your pharmacy staff to the patient at the point-of-dispensing. Click image to see how this program works. Click image for a detailed view!


Prior Authorizations (CoverMyMeds)
Forget about waiting on hold, finding prior authorization (PA) forms, or doing duplicate data entry—start PA forms directly in your HBS system! At no cost, HBS has teamed up with CoverMyMeds to give you an easier way to deal with PA rejections. This popular feature enables you to quickly start drug and plan specific PAs, and easily send them to the prescriber for completion—not to mention new auto fax and messaging features. Click image to view a short demo!


Looking for an easy way to start saving money and increase your profit margins? PharmSaver is a time and money-saving tool that helps pharmacies increase profit margins by connecting pharmacies and chain stores with multiple independent wholesalers. PharmSaver enables pharmacies to maintain current ordering methodology, whether wholesaler web-based or dispensing system driven, while providing the mechanism to analyze pricing. Based on your pharmacy specific rule set, PharmSaver compares your order against other market orders. Click image for a detailed view!


Eligibility Verification (E1 Transactions)
Eliminate time spent verifying member eligibility for insurance plans. E1 transaction functionality available in the HBS system enables you to verify and create new insurance coverage’s for patients quickly and easily, when the actual insurance card is not available. E1 transactions is a real-time eligibility service that can help your pharmacy save valuable personnel time and as a result, provide your patients with a better experience at your pharmacy!


E-Prescribing (Surescripts)
Receive new and refill prescriptions directly from a doctor. Our certified Surescripts system enables your pharmacy to receive prescriptions directly into your pharmacy system for review and completes the dispensing process with just a few keystrokes. HBS' system is also certified to receive electronically prescribed controlled substances (EPCS).


Medicare Part B Processing (OmniSys)
Did you ever want to sell items covered by Medicare Part B, but were confused about all the rules, regulations, as well as specialized billing requirements? OmniSYS, the largest submitter of Part B claims on behalf of pharmacies, enables HBS system users to automatically transmits claims—just like any other third-party Rx—directly to the appropriate Medicare DME MAC center. OmniSYS manages every therapeutic class, including diabetic supplies, canes & crutches and various drugs (e.g. immunosuppressive, oral anti-cancer, etc.).


Switching (RelayHealth | Emdeon)
Being able to transmit claims to third-party payers is an essential step in everyday dispensing. HBS has you covered. By working with two of the largest switching companies (RelayHealth and Emdeon), HBS is able to competitive rates that best fit your needs. Talk to an HBS representative to learn more about witch vendor is right for you.


Pre & Post Edits (RelayHealth | Emdeon)
Minimize claim submission errors and maximize reimbursements! With on-going and evolving complexities of owning or operating a pharmacy, a pre and post editing program may be critical to your operations. A pre and post editing program validates the accuracy of your prescription transactions by making any corrections that are necessary prior to claim submission (or cash Rx billing) to ensure that your pharmacy is reimbursed fully for each transaction.

pre and post

Statement Processing (VFI)
As you know, processing statements is a huge headache for many companies. VFI Statement Processing, a division of Vintage Printing & Distribution Services, has developed a system to electronically capture your billing files by taking some of the work and worry out of the process. By copying statements directly from the HBS system, VFI can utilize this information which is postal-sorted (with a post net bar-code and laser imaged), folded, inserted and mailed along with a #9 return envelope. Click image for a detailed view!


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