RxGENESYS Suite (Software)

softwareRxGENESYS delivers the advantages of today's intuitive-based system with familiar icons and buttons to make filling a prescription fast and easy. With this true Windows-based operating system, the single screen interface gives you the ability to add or change information while filling a prescription.

The RxGENESYS pharmacy management system offers a progressive solution that is fully efficient and intuitive, for timely and accurate prescription processing. With active users nationwide, RxGENESYS sets new standards of excellence in the fields of pharmacy practice and care.

Following are key highlights, but for more information contact HBS regarding additional system features and a FREE demo:

  • Patient Care Module: integrated chronic disease state management and MTM tools to track and monitor a patient’s medical condition such as blood pressure, asthma, weight loss, smoking cessation, etc. with ability to create care plans and SOAPs to monitor visits and outcomes.
  • A/R: maintain charge accounts and print statements with the ability to auto-charge (post) prescriptions while filling, or manually post from tickets later.
  • Defer Rx: allows you to fill a prescription and defer electronic billing until a later time.
  • Inventory: track inventory used while filling Rx’s, track units on hand, establish reorder points and produce reorder lists, including 340B drugs (Learn More about wholesaler interfaces in Solutions).
  • Clinical Inquiry: scan multiple drugs for interactions without choosing a patient.
  • Workflow: track the flow of an Rx through the filling process to easily see the status of a Rx through a series of queues (View Image).
  • E-Prescribing: receive Surescripts certified new and refill Rx’s directly into the system, including EPCS (Learn More in Advantages).
  • Document Scanning: go paperless by scanning document and each Rx into the patient's record (Learn More in Solutions).
  • Wholesaler Ordering: order products and obtain updated wholesale acquisition prices (Learn More in Solutions).
  • Color-Coded Rx Profiles: instantly know if an Rx is ready to fill, too early, on file, transferred or expired.
  • Refill Requests: patients can submit requests thru the telephone, internet or mobile devices (Learn More in Solutions).
  • Reporting Packages: system offers an extensive library of customizable standard reports.
  • Nursing Home Module: integrated to efficiently dispense and report MAR’s and physician order forms (Learn More in Solutions).
  • COB: split third-party billing between three plans.
  • Signature Capture: collect electronic signatures for pickup acknowledgement, and use functionality to view and print audit information (Learn More in Solutions).
  • Clinical Inquiry: scan multiple drugs for interactions without choosing a patient.
  • Web Portal Rx: allow your customers to access their Rx history, request refills, and other info online (Learn More in Solutions).
  • Workers Comp: tie claims to insurance and employer while maintaining multiple injury dates.
  • Doctor Fax: automatically fax the doctor a refill request and keep an electronic log of activity.
  • Third-Party Reconciliation: easily reconcile payments (Learn More in Services).
  • Pill Images: view an image during dispensing, whether you're using workflow or not.
  • Point of Sale: system integrated for check-out (Learn More in Solutions).
  • Unlimited Fields: for patient notes, Rx notes, addresses, telephone numbers and many others.
  • Automation: interface with multiple products (Learn More in Interfaces).

The features and system functionalities don't end there. Contact HBS for a FREE demo today!

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